Where are you coming from?
The Great white north

What day are you getting there?
Thursday evening!

What days are you going to be at the con?
Will be there from Thursday to early Monday!

What are your favorite places to lurk at the con?
With my mate or lounging around

Who will you be rooming with?

How old are you?
Old enough to know better but young enough to care

Who will you be with throughout the con?
My Mate KP and anyone else wants to hang out with me

What suit(s) will you be bringing?
Just my only suit my husky suit

What do you look like?
A giant husky dog walking around you wont be able to miss me

Do you do free art?
I Could draw a mean stick man

Do you do trades?
Sure stick man for a hug

Do you do commissions?
Sure stick men for everyone

Do you have an Artists'/Dealers table?

Do you do badges?
Stick men sure

Will you have Art in the Art Show?
LOL GAWD NO besides looking around

What panels will you be attending?
Opening/Closing ceremonies and what ever other things going on

Are you in any panels?
I would THINK not! :)

What is your gender?

How tall are you?
I believe I'm around 6.1ish


Can I talk to you?
SURE I love to meet new people

Can I touch you?
Sure but in suit of suit unless I know no thank you
Can I get you drinks?
Alcohol is DEFINITELY out of that question. XD

Can I give you stuff?
I love getting things but in return I want to do the same

Are you nice?
I'd like to think I am!

How can I find you?
With my mate or tweet me

Will you be at the bowling event Thursday night?

Will you be dressed for the Megaplex theme?
There's a dress??

WELP, overall, that oughta be that! :D
Twitter, as well, is definitely a good way to attempt to get in contact with me for any sort of reason! I'm bound to say where I'm at, if in suit or not, etc.! :D

Well this will be my first Mega Plex please dont be afraid to come up and say to me I love meeting new people
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I am going to Megaplex this year

I am going to megaplex this year and yes I will have my suit with me ;). I will be flying out on july 19th from vancouver and arriving in Orlando bye lunch time and I will be staying with my boy friend Kuddle Pup for the week up to the con and me and him will be rooming just the 2 of us together.

I am hoping to see some old friends there aswell as to make some new ones.

I am hoping to be able to do a husky pull this year there if there are any huskies going please PM and we will put a sled team together..I

am also really exited to be going and really nervous about flying for over 8 hours but I should be ok I hope crosses paws.
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VanCon meme

Where are you staying? -
The main hotel!

What day are you getting there? -
Arrive Friday hopefully and leaving Sunday

Who will you be with? -
I will be silver rose and tabber paw still have room one more

Do you do free art? -
I can draw a mean stick man!

What is your gender? -
Just... a dude.

How old are you? -
Old enough to know better but young enough not to care

Are you taken? -

What suits will you have? -
Just the qmick this year I dont own rally any longer

Can I touch you? -
I love HUGS

Can I talk to you? -
Sure! I love meeting new furs

Can I buy you lots of drinks? -
Puppy Eyes yes please

Can I hug or snuggle with you? -

How tall are you? -
six foot one

Are you nice? -
I am! But like anyone, I can have my bad days.

Are you cliquey? -
Yes I I can be ;)

Do you have an artist table? -
Naws cant draw and or make anything besides messes

Do you like parties? -

If I see you, how should I get your attention? -
HEY ASHOLE lol just kidding just bye qmick be fine

Can I hang out with you? -

How can I find you? -
Look for the currly tail bouncing round

Hope to see you there!!
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I wont be going to FC this year :(

This will be the first year in over 5 years I wont be going to FC. Due to health and
financially cant afford it this year.I really wanted to go too :(. But what do you do right? maybe another con but we will see what the doctors find in my stomach again.I just wish I would get a break in life you know.Everyone have a great time and please take lots of pics want to here all about the crazy adventures

Car Accident

  I  was just recently involed in a horrible car accident...

I was comming down the hill was yeilding to up commng traffic and the got rearened HARD.I was in a brand new 2012 corolla The other person was drivving a full size pickup.I am badly hurt got a concussion off work for 10 days atlease got got a couple hernitaed discs in my neck and wiplash and really bad pain in back and can't take anything for the pain killers in untill my concussion is over.I am in a world of pain still 'going to try to make it to vancoufur this weekend hopefully'.But if I am in suit please be very very gentle as I am in a world of pain right now :(..

But I will keep everyone up to date on how I am feeling..

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Life Update

First off a huge thankyou for everyone condolences for my baby brother thease last for 4 weeks have been a blur and very lonely since I don't have with me .

But what I have been doing though with my last couple weeks

First week nemos and me enterd his 1977 ford into a demolation derby which we had tons of fun with.

Heres a video link to the derby
The next week worked on the colbalt and then the fallowing weekend I went to see wolfus and went to drumheller which was really cool


Then this weekend I have been keeping this quite till it over I was a mascot for the BC summer Games Had such a great time forgot how much fun mascotting was till I did it again

Here are a couple pics me mascotting the names of them were Sage and Marigold


Made it up too front page of the local paper as the mascots my folks were so happy and proud of me lol not..

That's what I have been up to. Stress has gotten to me again looks like I got 2 bleeding ulcers but will know more this week got apoiments with the doctors.I have been tryig to keep busy but I still really moss my little brother and some days are are easier then others.But wanted thank everyone for the kind words.

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RIP MICHAEAL My little brother

Yesterday at around 3 am my little Michaeal pased away in his sleep felt no pain.No cause of death yet waiting for th results today.I am the oldest out of bothers and I do have another younger brother he isnt taken it that well and me either.I miss him so much I would give anything to have him  :(.More to come when I know.Thank you again for everyone condolences hugs.

He He was known as the gental giant and he will be dearly missed bye everyone inculding me :(
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Late FC report

I had a great time time at FC made some new friends and saw some old one.

The cat is out of the bag bought new off frysco his german sheppard suit renamed his sharp shepp

and I also went out ice skatting with rally had more fun with ice skatting then I did with the dance

I wanted to thank everyone from the fc staff for putting on such a great  con and everyone that just made sure I was havving a great time.

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