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Qmick Husky
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Thursday, July 18th, 2013
7:14 am
Where are you coming from?
The Great white north

What day are you getting there?
Thursday evening!

What days are you going to be at the con?
Will be there from Thursday to early Monday!

What are your favorite places to lurk at the con?
With my mate or lounging around

Who will you be rooming with?

How old are you?
Old enough to know better but young enough to care

Who will you be with throughout the con?
My Mate KP and anyone else wants to hang out with me

What suit(s) will you be bringing?
Just my only suit my husky suit

What do you look like?
A giant husky dog walking around you wont be able to miss me

Do you do free art?
I Could draw a mean stick man

Do you do trades?
Sure stick man for a hug

Do you do commissions?
Sure stick men for everyone

Do you have an Artists'/Dealers table?

Do you do badges?
Stick men sure

Will you have Art in the Art Show?
LOL GAWD NO besides looking around

What panels will you be attending?
Opening/Closing ceremonies and what ever other things going on

Are you in any panels?
I would THINK not! :)

What is your gender?

How tall are you?
I believe I'm around 6.1ish


Can I talk to you?
SURE I love to meet new people

Can I touch you?
Sure but in suit of suit unless I know no thank you
Can I get you drinks?
Alcohol is DEFINITELY out of that question. XD

Can I give you stuff?
I love getting things but in return I want to do the same

Are you nice?
I'd like to think I am!

How can I find you?
With my mate or tweet me

Will you be at the bowling event Thursday night?

Will you be dressed for the Megaplex theme?
There's a dress??

WELP, overall, that oughta be that! :D
Twitter, as well, is definitely a good way to attempt to get in contact with me for any sort of reason! I'm bound to say where I'm at, if in suit or not, etc.! :D

Well this will be my first Mega Plex please dont be afraid to come up and say to me I love meeting new people

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
7:09 pm
I am going to Megaplex this year
I am going to megaplex this year and yes I will have my suit with me ;). I will be flying out on july 19th from vancouver and arriving in Orlando bye lunch time and I will be staying with my boy friend Kuddle Pup for the week up to the con and me and him will be rooming just the 2 of us together.

I am hoping to see some old friends there aswell as to make some new ones.

I am hoping to be able to do a husky pull this year there if there are any huskies going please PM and we will put a sled team together..I

am also really exited to be going and really nervous about flying for over 8 hours but I should be ok I hope crosses paws.

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, May 26th, 2013
4:54 pm
Qmick fursuit is up forsale
Qmick Husky is up forsale to be able to my dream car..

He will come with 3 bodies and a bunch of other goodies PM for more details..


I hope he will find a good home..


Current Mood: anxious
Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
7:26 am
VanCon meme
Where are you staying? -
The main hotel!

What day are you getting there? -
Arrive Friday hopefully and leaving Sunday

Who will you be with? -
I will be silver rose and tabber paw still have room one more

Do you do free art? -
I can draw a mean stick man!

What is your gender? -
Just... a dude.

How old are you? -
Old enough to know better but young enough not to care

Are you taken? -

What suits will you have? -
Just the qmick this year I dont own rally any longer

Can I touch you? -
I love HUGS

Can I talk to you? -
Sure! I love meeting new furs

Can I buy you lots of drinks? -
Puppy Eyes yes please

Can I hug or snuggle with you? -

How tall are you? -
six foot one

Are you nice? -
I am! But like anyone, I can have my bad days.

Are you cliquey? -
Yes I I can be ;)

Do you have an artist table? -
Naws cant draw and or make anything besides messes

Do you like parties? -

If I see you, how should I get your attention? -
HEY ASHOLE lol just kidding just bye qmick be fine

Can I hang out with you? -

How can I find you? -
Look for the currly tail bouncing round

Hope to see you there!!

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, January 12th, 2013
8:26 am
I wont be going to FC this year :(
This will be the first year in over 5 years I wont be going to FC. Due to health and
financially cant afford it this year.I really wanted to go too :(. But what do you do right? maybe another con but we will see what the doctors find in my stomach again.I just wish I would get a break in life you know.Everyone have a great time and please take lots of pics want to here all about the crazy adventures
Tuesday, September 25th, 2012
8:07 pm
Selling my husky fursuit
I have decided to sell my husky fursuit off to due to some over due bills I am selling him off to highest bidder.

Current Mood: crushed
Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
3:35 pm
Car Accident

  I  was just recently involed in a horrible car accident...

I was comming down the hill was yeilding to up commng traffic and the got rearened HARD.I was in a brand new 2012 corolla The other person was drivving a full size pickup.I am badly hurt got a concussion off work for 10 days atlease got got a couple hernitaed discs in my neck and wiplash and really bad pain in back and can't take anything for the pain killers in untill my concussion is over.I am in a world of pain still 'going to try to make it to vancoufur this weekend hopefully'.But if I am in suit please be very very gentle as I am in a world of pain right now :(..

But I will keep everyone up to date on how I am feeling..

Current Mood: depressed
Sunday, August 14th, 2011
9:17 pm
Life Update
First off a huge thankyou for everyone condolences for my baby brother thease last for 4 weeks have been a blur and very lonely since I don't have with me .

But what I have been doing though with my last couple weeks

First week nemos and me enterd his 1977 ford into a demolation derby which we had tons of fun with.

Heres a video link to the derby
The next week worked on the colbalt and then the fallowing weekend I went to see wolfus and went to drumheller which was really cool


Then this weekend I have been keeping this quite till it over I was a mascot for the BC summer Games Had such a great time forgot how much fun mascotting was till I did it again

Here are a couple pics me mascotting the names of them were Sage and Marigold


Made it up too front page of the local paper as the mascots my folks were so happy and proud of me lol not..

That's what I have been up to. Stress has gotten to me again looks like I got 2 bleeding ulcers but will know more this week got apoiments with the doctors.I have been tryig to keep busy but I still really moss my little brother and some days are are easier then others.But wanted thank everyone for the kind words.

Current Mood: blah
Friday, July 15th, 2011
9:38 am
RIP MICHAEAL My little brother

Yesterday at around 3 am my little Michaeal pased away in his sleep felt no pain.No cause of death yet waiting for th results today.I am the oldest out of bothers and I do have another younger brother he isnt taken it that well and me either.I miss him so much I would give anything to have him  :(.More to come when I know.Thank you again for everyone condolences hugs.

He He was known as the gental giant and he will be dearly missed bye everyone inculding me :(

Current Mood: sad
Sunday, February 13th, 2011
9:07 am
Late FC report
I had a great time time at FC made some new friends and saw some old one.

The cat is out of the bag bought new off frysco his german sheppard suit renamed his sharp shepp

and I also went out ice skatting with rally had more fun with ice skatting then I did with the dance

I wanted to thank everyone from the fc staff for putting on such a great  con and everyone that just made sure I was havving a great time.

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, January 7th, 2011
7:01 am

In less then a week i'm excited to be attending FC again, one of my favorite cons for fursuiting and seeing all my friends I miss so very much throughout the year.

Yeah I know the title is catchy but this is just a stupid MEME *pets* :P

I'm also curious who else is attending FC this year, give a shout out! :)

Arrival and Departure:
Arriving Wednesday (12pm) - Leaving Tuesday (early)

Staying at:
The Fairmont Hotel, Fursuit Floor Level

Mode of Transportation:
Travelling in group of 4 -- Car, Plane, Shuttle

Room Share:

Charger, Silver, Trake Husky and Myself

Major Plans at the Con:
Fursuiting, Beers, Dancing, Being a Cute yet naughty puppy

Who Will I be with:
Trake and all my other friends wags.

Do you do free art?
I am draw a mean stick man

Do you do trades?
Depends what your wanting to trade for.

Do you do commissions?
Surea dn mean stick man hehe

Do you have prints/CDs ?
Paw prints only ;)

Qmick Husky this year for sure hehe
Rally My mixed mutt

Attending Parties:
Would love to again! Just going with the flow so grab the leash.

How best to find me:
Text me or find me in suit.

Stage Performance:

Socially yes, i'm pretty funny when drunk.

Smoke or Drugs:
NOT a chance!

FREE and Plentiful!

I'm fairly quiet but always open to chat, will talk in fursuit as well.

What is your gender?
Male dog with a gift :P

How old are you?
Old enough to give you a spanking, lol.

Can I touch you?
Yes, just be gentle.

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
Please do! But be prepared to deal with a silly drunk puppy.

Can I give you lots of money?
*ears perk* When and where?

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Hugs are always welcome, snuggles or more are reserved for close friends.

How tall are you?
Me: 6.1

You look pissed off out of suit. Can I come up to you?
Rarely do I get angry, talking to me would probably help anyway. :)

Are you nice?
I hope so hehe

Are you cliquey?
I try to avoid that as much as possible.

Can I stalk you?
For pictures yes.

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Poke me in the butt... NOOO not with that lil thing!

Can I take a picture of ya?
In suit please do, feel free to post any good ones and link me. :)

Can I steal ya away for *censored*?

Would ya like to get a commission done of ya?
Yes Please begs all puppy eyes


Current Mood: giddy
Friday, December 24th, 2010
6:41 pm

Merry Christmas to everyone and hopping everyone has great day and shares it someone speical in there life.

Current Mood: hyper
Monday, November 15th, 2010
8:55 pm
A very BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUT going to skookumpaws very close a dear friend of mine and have the pervilge calling friend he always there for and always have ear for me to nawl on.May I hope your day is great such as havving a dear and close freind like you in my

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
10:10 pm
What I did for for halloween

Northern wolf and I took rally out to play with his new my 86 corolla yes it is a true AE 86 and it isnt forsale right now.
Rallly with his car
Rallly slidding his new toy around
And then we went down to the pizza shop and went hung out for abit.

Rally makking a pizza
Then went over to nemos place where we had a great time partying thankyou again for the great time nemo's.

Overall I had a wounderfull day thankyou to northern wolf for takking the pics and nemos for the great party.

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
10:22 pm
Rain Furset Con Report
First off thankyou to all the Rain Furset staff doing a great job on such a great con I look forward to next year. Now after that the con for myself was just a amazing experice got to hang with alot of old one and new one and even ones that said they werent and showed up and drumming this means you and kokkes aswell you guys got me good.Got quite abit of suiting and had kokkes wear rally one night and I wore qmick for friday night to play with people had quite abit fun with that.

Another huge thankyou goes out to my roomates at Rain Furset  Kokkes and Kaysho and Charger and Silver it was the greatest experice I have had for a long time for sharring room.

Next con I got planned on going to will be FC and look forward to seeing everyone again.

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, September 16th, 2010
10:32 pm

Now for the RF MEME!!!:

Where are you staying?
Main Hotel

Who will you be with?
How long are you going?

Arriving Thursday and leaving Monday

Do you have a fursuit?

Yes, two of them.

Qmick http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3556705/


Rally http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3412702/

Do you do free art?

I do a mean stick man

Do you do trades?
if you take hugs, then sure

Do you do commissions?
Sure Stick man

Do you have prints/CDs?

Do you do badges?
see art questions

Will you have art in the Art Show? General or Adult sections?

What is your gender?
The last time I checked a male

How old are you?
Old enough to know better and yet young enough to get into trouble

Can I touch you?
Most of the time no proplems )

Can I talk about/do drugs in front of you?
Yeah I don't care

Can I buy you a beer?
*wags tail and gives puppy dog eyes as he nods* :3

Do you like parties?
Does a bear shit in the woods? Fuck yeah I love to party :D

Can I invite you out for food/fun/etc?
For sure!!! :D

Can I talk to you?
You better. I love meeting people and chatting

Can I take your picture?
You can in fursuit for sure. If I am out of fursuit I rather you ask first.

May I ask you for a Dance?
Definitely...lets get down and dirty together, hehe ;)

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Just give me a poke, come say hi or call my name ^ ^
*also can DM me on Twitter or text me on my cell

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, September 10th, 2010
7:04 am
Happy Birthday Nemo's
Happy Birthday I really hope you have great day and the fur that can fix anything with the right tools :)

Also to the one who can really neat toys hehe.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
11:16 pm
Furset North
Thursday Morning  

Myself sayis wolf and and northern wolf and six and we all met up with orwin to start our trek to Hinton Alberta.

Friday morning we left to the where Furest north was been held where we set up our camp.
Friday night rainrat and trapa meet up with us at the camp where we all relaxed and took easy and seen people we all haven't seen for a along time.

Saturday Morning took it easy and then
wolever/where we suited for a good part of the afternoon

A quite group shot of most of suiters that were at furset north 2010.Thanks again for wolever for the shots and sayis wolf and then saturday we all danced our tails off.I don't have any pics yet of the night yet.

Sunday morning trapa and sayis and six and myself ran ino town to grab some kfc and subway and then we broke out our secert weapon
We took a watermelon and for 2 day we filled it up with vodka and saved it for a our last night.
As Rator Red shows us we should of let it sit longer all well live and learn.

I had wounderful time and look forward to going again great times and great friends what more could you ask more.

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, June 26th, 2010
10:22 pm
Fursuit meme
Stole this from siserval.

Thought this would be fun.

1 What name do you go by when suiting?
The charters name

2 What is the name of your suit(s)?
Qmick and Rally

3 Do you have a full or a partial suit?

4 What animal is your fursuit?

5 What color is most of your suit?
Qmick Grey
Rally Brownish

6 Does it have any special designs?
Not for either I allowed the suit makers to come what ever the wanted 

7 If yes, is it airbrushed or sewn specially?

8 Does your suit have any accessories? (piercings, weapons, etc.)
Naws abit of a turn off :(

9 How long have you been fursuiting?
5 Great years cant belive it been that long 
10How long have you had your current suit?
Since the last Rain Furst

11 Is the suit you have now your first fursuit?
Yes :)  and always will be

12 If no, is the suit you have now an updated version of your old fursuit?

13 Who made your fursuit?
Qmick was done bye Arrend Studios
Rally was done bye Kodi Made

14 Synthetic fur, or real fur?

15Do you have a moving jaw?

16If yes, how many teeth?

17 Furthermore, does your mouth have a tongue?

18 Follow-me eyes, yes or no?

19 Where did your suit make its debut?
Qmick's First con 17 FC I belive but has been around before that.
Rally Rain Furst 09

20 What was the first convention (include year of con) you went to in suit?
FC 2007.

21 Digigrade legs, furry pants, other?

22 What do you do (if anything) to keep your suit clean and nice smelling/looking?
I wash both of them after every use and or every con

23 Is there anything special about your suit that sets it apart from others?

24 What do you normally wear under your suit?

25 How much would you say your suit has cost you financially?
Qmick 2000.00 Candian
Rally 1600.00 Candian
26 What's the most damage your suit (any of them) has ever suffered?
Qmicks feet are now starting to fall apart
Rally Nothing yet knock of wood  

27 What is the core of your tail?
Qmick's a bar and stuffing lots and lots stuffing
Rally alittle bit of stuffing

28 How does your suit's various parts stay attached to your body?
Like a normal fursuit

29 Does your fursuit head have eyelids?

30 What does your suit smell like?

31 If you've got'em, how long are your suit's ears (inches please)?
Too lazy to answer

32 What do you store your suit in?
The head on my cmputer desk the Bodies in my closet

33 What's the story behind your suit (try to be brief):
Always enjoyed mascoting and makking people happy

34 Do you like giving hugs when in suit?
Both I enjoy givving and getting hugs

35 Ever... uh... "yiff" while in suit?

36 Do you avoid people carrying coffee, soda, things that stain a suit?
If I can 

37 Do you eat/drink in suit, or do you at least remove the head first?
I drink beer with qmick all the time 
Rally I havent tired yet 

38 Do you ever put your suit on, look in the mirror and do sexy poses?

39 How much do you sweat in suit?
Duh !

40 Do you like suiting around kids (under 16yrs)?
I do for Nefew and Neice

41 Where have you gotten the most attention while in suit?
The Cons

42 Ever been stopped by security/the law for being in suit?

43 Ever plays sports while in suit?
Fursuit games count?

44 Have you ever let somebody else wear your suit?

45 Have you ever cried while in suit?
Who the feck wrote this .. !?

46 Does your suit protect you against the force of drama?
See answer to 45.

47 Favorite thing to do in suit?
Be cute.

49 Favorite romping grounds in suit?
Cons and at friends parties

50 Do you bowl while in suit?
I have done

51 Ever make a video of yourself in suit?

52 When in suit, do you talk?

53 Do you believe in the magic?
Course not.

54 Have you ever held up a sign that reads "THE GAME" or "Free hugs"?
Please shoot me in the face if I ever do.

55 Have you been on/in the news lately?

56 Is anybody ever too old or young to be a fursuiter?
Yes :(

57 When you go romping, who do you take with you?
No one

58 What's the most wet your suit has ever gotten with you in it?
Um ?

59 Ever lift a leg, just for laughs?
Yeah blushes . 

60 What's your policy regarding camp fires and fursuits?
I did before and it was stupid but now I aviod them. 

61 Largest thing you ever got stuck to your suit?
Another husky

62 How do people normally react when they see your suit for the first time?
With love

63 favorite suiting story?
Saw kid and played with him and made him laugh latter found out he was dieing of cancer and his folks came up tome latter and thank me for doing such a great job. 

64 Who are your favorite suiters that you look up to?
People look up to me fool

65 would you get married in suit (or at least with a tail)?

Current Mood: bored
Monday, February 8th, 2010
7:36 am
Happy Birtday Spark

Happy Birthday Spark to the only fox that isnt you typical fox he is a great and dear close friend to me I hope your day is full of happiness HUGS.

Current Mood: cheerful
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